3M™ Enrichment Pouches

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Quick-Enrich™ is a convenient alternative to making and sterilizing media. 3M™ adds 225 mL of a variety of pre-made Salmonella and Listeria enrichment broths to stand-up pouches. The flat bottom of these pouches ensures stability while the wire tab holds the top open to give you the advantage of "hands-free" sample addition. The pouch is constructed of a multi-laminate plastic that is puncture resistant. Each case is gamma irradiated to ensure the highest level of sterility and has a 2-year shelf life from the date of manufacture. To enrich a sample, simply stand the pouch on a flat surface. Cut open the top with a scissors and bend the wire tab toward the center to hold the pouch open. Add the sample, then place the pouch into the blender. Once blending is completed, simply fold or whirl the bag over to close twisting the ends of the tabs together to secure into place. Quick-Enrich™ is now ready to incubate.
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