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16" Long-SM1 Strainers

$534.79 per EA


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Excellent design makes these stainless steel units an outstanding value. Each one does double-duty, filtering products plus protecting downstream equipment (UF/RO units, homogenizers, pumps, meters, spray nozzles, needle valves, etc.) from foreign matter such as broken gaskets or small metal parts.

A wide variety of filter media and overscreens enable the user to separate particles as small as 30 microns or as large as 1/4" from a fluid product. This ranges from achieving semi-clarity in juice or removing cheese fines from whey up to extracting oversize nutmeats from a mix. Other typical filtering/straining applications: milk, whey, processed cheese, juices, soft drinks, beverages, purees, jams/jellies, eggshells or breakings.

3-A authorized filters and strainers have these advantages over competitive units:
• Easy-to-use and clean.
• Completely sanitary, corrosion-resistant construction.
• Efficient free-flow design.
• Quick changeover; lightweight.
For filtering products or for protecting expensive equipment, it's a wise investment! 316L, stainless steel clamp connections standard.

Note: These filters and strainers include a back up tube with 1/4" perforations. Filter media and strainer overscreens are not provided and must be ordered separately. See filter media and overscreen selection charts. Options: Bevel seat connections available by special order.

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