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96" SHAT-R-SHIELD Safety Coated Fluorescent Bulbs

$370.47 per CA


6017028 T
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Straight linear
Single pin (7a8)
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Coated end-to-end with DuPont's™ clear, tough Surlyn™. If a lamp breaks, all debris stays inside the coating, protecting food products and employees. More effective and less expensive to use than conventional tube guards and end caps.

Recommended ambient temperature range: 40° to 140°F. Standard cool white lamps listed. #601-7004 to be operated on electronic ballasts. Other sizes and styles available.

With the strict regulations requiring protective lighting to insure that broken glass doesn't come in contact with food, food equipment, or food packaging, Shat-R-Shield lighting is the perfect solution.
• Coating forms a complete seal from end to end in a full 16-mil thickness.
• Safely contains virtually all glass phosphors and mercury if a lamp is dropped or broken.
• Safer because lamp cannot fall out of tube and end cap.
• Longer life. Eliminating the air space between lamp and coating prevents premature burnout typical of sleeves and caps.
• Delivers more light. Will not yellow with age or collect dust and oils between lamp and sleeve.
• Saves man-hours. Easy to install, clean and maintain.
• No exposed glass when changing lamps.
Proven in food plants throughout the country, Shat-R-Shield is NSF & USDA approved, FDA, OSHA, & CFIA compliant. In addition to the following products, Shat-R-Shield has developed compact fluorescent lamps, high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps, Teflon® coated halogen pars and tube guards. Please call our protective lighting specialists for more information.