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ANDERSON-NEGELE AV-9900 HTST Recorder Controller

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0330760 D
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Chart Recorder
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The AV-9900 HTST is the recorder controller specifically designed for use in continuous pasteurization, including Ultra High Temperature (UHT) and aseptic ranges. This recorder meets all of the requirements as outlined in the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO). Multiple inputs allow for recording and control of hot product, cold product, flow, and hot water functions. All critical recording is able to be done with the same instrument, allowing for synchronization of multiple event pens, as well as meter based timing functions.

Other features include:
• Self printing chart: charts with pre-printed rings only, pens print all scales and data.
• Linear recording: prints all data to chart simultaneously.
• Dual element product probe: hot product sensor contains dual temperature elements.
• Broad fitting selection: probes are available in numerous process connections.

AV-9900 is configured to fit your specific needs and application. Call our Process Systems Specialists for help with customizing your chart recorder.