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Active Salt Software for the M926 Chloride Analyzer

$299.81 per KT


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Active Salt software with 2xRS232/USB adapter cable
Usually Ships in 7-10 Days

Reduce errors, calculate % salt instantly and automatically generate reports with the Active Salt Software package. Data can be entered manually or collected directly via a USB to RS232 cable (provided) from the Model 926 Chloride Analyzer and a balance. Dilutions are calculated instantly based on sample and diluent weights. This helps eliminate time spent adding precise amounts to mixing containers.

The package has been designed for ease of use with everything visible on one screen to improve efficiency and traceability of food analysis results. Package includes software and 2xRS232/USB adapter cable. Required accessories, sold separately, include: personal computer with USB port and Windows® XP or later operating system, A&D EKi Series or Mettler Toledo ML Series balances (see our balance section for additional information), RS232 adapter for A&D balance, and Chloride Analyzer with RS232 data port. Contact our Technical Service Department for compatibility with other balance manufacturers.

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