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Advanced 4250 Single-Sample Cryoscope

  1. This item is not allowed to freeze, and might be compromised if shipped in cold temperatures. There may be a shipment delay of a couple days if certain cold conditions exist.
$10,133.80 per EA


2223425 F
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Usually Ships in 7-10 Days

Superior accuracy and reliability in just two minutes. Determine the amount of water in milk with precision. Many dairy plants report complete payback on their investment within a matter of months.

This model offers both the International Reference and screening freezing point methods for rapid, precise, reliable results. Calibration requires no user adjustments; just follow the instrument's prompts. Offers a full range of data handling capabilities with an onboard printer and barcode scanner. Instrument memory provides electronic storage and retrieval of up to 30 test results.

Features include a frost-free cooling chamber, which eliminates most routine maintenance. Sample probe and stir-wire are fully accessible for easy cleaning. Simple push-button design, statistical analysis and multi-language capability make the Advanced 4250 Single-Sample Cryoscope an industry standard.

U.S. and Canada customers only.