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Bi-Metal Thermometers - 2" Dial

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5632126 D
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0° to 220°F
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Rugged, workhorse thermometers that are popular throughout the food and dairy industry. They're designed to withstand tough treatment and difficult environments, yet provide superb accuracy and reliability. Our standard features include:

• Sanitary type 304 stainless steel construction; designed to meet rigid sanitation standards.
• Plexiglass lens; eliminates danger of broken glass in food processing areas.
• Accurate, bimetal element; removes the hazards associated with mercury filled thermometers.
• Silicone damping; minimizes pointer vibration and improves heat transfer for quick response.
• Hermetically-sealed case; sealed at the factory to prevent rust, leaks or contamination.
• Overrange protection; extends 50% beyond range.
• External recalibration device; makes it easy to maintain accurate readings.

Accurate to ±1% of scale, Nelson-Jameson thermometers provide a cost-effective way to monitor temperature of lines, tanks, vats or equipment. You can afford to use them throughout your plant. Threaded 1/2" NPT connection with .25" diameter stem to fit standard wells.

Easy-to-read dials are available in three sizes and two ranges. Stem lengths from 2-1/2" up to 24". Graduations are 1° increments on 25° to 125°F dials; 2° increments on 0° to 220°F dials. Plexiglass lens is suitable for room temperature up to 150°F. For greatest accuracy, stem should be inserted at least 2" into liquids. Stem length is measured from tip of stem to top of thread.

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Type of thermometer: Bi metal thermometers
Number of set points for certification: 3 standard set point
NIST Calibration Certificate

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