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DELFIN Superflex Clear Anti-Static Hose w/Copper Wire

$29.81 per MR


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40mm (1.58")
Usually Ships in 7-10 Days

The choice of the hose is essential to allow an easy and correct use of the vacuum cleaner in your industry. Depending on the nature of the material to be vacuumed, the distance to be covered and the flexibility necessary to reach it, it is necessary to choose the most suitable tool for the job.

The Superflex is an anti-static hose that has a copper wire running on the inside and connecting to each hose cuff (sold separately) to keep the vacuum grounded to pick up conductive materials. This hose is also food grade certified and made from polyurethane.

2 hose cuffs are needed per hose, use anti-static hose cuffs with your anti-static hose. Sold by the meter, 1m = 3.2808'.