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DQCI Gram Positive/Negative Bi-Plate

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1863004 BFDC
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Non-selective Blood Agar for Total Count and Hemolytic reactions/selective Gram Negative Agar. 10 plates/sleeve.

On-farm culturing (OFC) for identification of pathogens causing clinical and sub-clinical mastitis is becoming popular due to several benefits this procedure provides the milk producer:
• Results in 24-28 hours.
• Minimize withholding of milk.
• Reduce antibiotic use.
• Control treatment costs.
• Optimize quality and volume payments.
• Screen replacement animals.
• Reduce the number of culled animals.
• Assess pre-milking cow preparation.
• Avoid deterioration of shipped samples.
• Staph and Strep Environmental on one (SSE) plate.

OFC is simple and involves a modest investment of time and materials. Here's how it works. A loop (recommended for all plates, especially SSE plates) is used to spread milk from one sample vial onto each medium contained on a plate. The plate is placed in an incubator set at 35°C for 24 hours and checked for an early indication of pathogenic bacteria. Another 24 hours may be required before the preferred treatment option becomes apparent.

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