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EFFERSAN Sanitizer Tablets

$31.17 per JR


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24 tablets/jr
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EfferSan is a highly effective multipurpose sanitizer, disinfectant and deodorizer. A convenient, effervescent tablet, EfferSan is easy to store, handle and prepare for use. When dissolved in water, it creates a versatile sanitizing solution that can help ensure the quality and safety of your final food products. The advanced chlorine molecule found in EfferSan yields a pH-neutral solution that is mild on skin and surfaces. EPA-registered for use in food and beverage processing operations. 100 tablets per jar.
• Highly effective, broad spectrum sanitizer and disinfectant.
• Mild, pH-neutral formula.
• One-step application - no rinsing required.
• Effective odor control.
• Convenient tablet form.
• 300 gallons of chlorine in a 1 pound jar.

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