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Hypred Deptil QAC

  1. This item is not allowed to freeze, and might be compromised if shipped in cold temperatures. There may be a shipment delay of a couple days if certain cold conditions exist.
  2. This item must ship by ground service only.
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0195729 HFM
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5 gal/pk
Usually Ships in 1-2 Days

A proven highly effective cationic sanitizer with exceptional hard water tolerance. DEPTIL QAC is a 10% active food contact sanitizer utilizing the four-chain quat, 5th generation quat. This concentration gives you the industry standard 1-oz per 4 gallons dilution for a 200 ppm active sanitizer. At 2-oz per 4 gallons, you get a 400 ppm active quat sanitizer for food contact surfaces with a no rinse claim. Highly effective against gram negative bacteria, yeast, and algae