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LabStrong Pretreatment (Mixed-Bed/Carbon) Cartridge

  1. This item is not allowed to freeze, and might be compromised if shipped in cold temperatures. There may be a shipment delay of a couple days if certain cold conditions exist.
$131.99 per EA


1183104 F
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Usually Ships in 7-10 Days

LabStrong replacement cartridges are directly compatible to the Thermo Scientific Barnstead line of water purification systems. Side-by-side testing shows fantastic results for purity and longevity. LabStrong cartridges provide outstanding quality you expect at an economical price.

LabStrong takes extra care in sealing the water purification cartridges to ensure exceptional quality is maintained throughout the two year shelf life. This cartridge is sealed in a military specification vapor barrier foil Mylar bag, which dramatically inhibits drying out of the resin. The o-ring canister gasket is sold separately. Made in the USA.