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LactiCheck -01 RapiRead Milk Analyzer

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Fat calibrated to fixed range (within +/- 1.0% fat):
0.3 - 9% (±0.06%) 9 - 14% (±0.08%)
Solids Not Fat (SNF):
6-12% (±0.1%)
1.0260-1.0330 g/cm3 (±0.0005 g/cm3)
Protein calibrated to fixed range (within +/- 1.0% protein):
2 - 5% (±0.1%)
Added water in milk:
2 - 60% (± 2%)
3 - 7% (±2%)
Usually Ships in 7-10 Days

Providing a complete milk composition profile in just 40 seconds, this user friendly, affordable and automated system assays fat, solids, density, added water, lactose and protein composition at the push of a button! Designed to test unprocessed and processed cow, sheep, goat, and buffalo milk products. The new Model LactiCheck LC-01 RR milk analyzer is based upon the latest advances in ultrasound spectrometric technology! All results can be sent directly to a computer using the LactiLog™ Recording System, facilitating transparency of data.

Ideal for on-farm and process environments, LactiCheck results can be used in conjunction with other classical methods of milk composition analysis on the farm and in the lab to consistently analyze milk throughout the supply chain. The LC-01 RapiRead™ is shipped complete with: LactiCal™ Controls, Sample Cups, Cleaning Solvent Concentrate, Cleaning Sheet (Laminated) and Manual Pump, Power Cord, and User's Manual.

Applications: (Please consult regulatory standards for each area, where applicable)
• Farm Testing: Portable, precise, simple measurement of raw co-mingled milk facilitates optimal herd management, feeding, breeding, etc. User-friendly and robust, the LactiCheck gives farmers instant feedback critical to practical herd management.
• Milk Collection Stations: Quick, accurate, cost effective results for a comprehensive range of critical components of incoming raw milk. Easy to use, walkaway convenience with built-in RS-232 for automated recording of test results.
• Laboratory: Reliable testing with optional automated data collection. Compact, easy to use unit requiring no costly, caustic reagents. Streamlined user-friendly calibration and simple operating procedure.
• Cheese Makers: To make quality cheese with consistent yields (and good profitability), there are certain intrinsic tools that the industry has come to rely upon. Composition, moisture and other intrinsic physical characteristics provide critical feedback required for proper process management. The LactiCheck Milk Analyzer provides a complete milk composition profile affordably and in just seconds, letting you know what you have to work with, throughout the process!
• Dairy Field Extension: Portable, convenient, simple to use, cost-effective tool providing information critical to effective herd management. Optimize feeding programs, ensure qualification for bonus programs, screen for metabolic disorders and improve genetic records.

• Research and Product Development R&D efforts are frequently held up as they are forced to share resources in the Central Laboratory. The Central Lab is often fully occupied with support of Production during active production processing hours, making access for R&D limited at best. The LactiCheck is a tool that R&D can use to develop recipes and standardize formulation, keeping development on time and on schedule so new products can be released in a timelier manner for improved reception at the marketplace.
• Education and Pilot Plant Monitor composition results, real-time, to better teach your stakeholders and/or students the facts that are relevant to product development, standardizing quality and building brand names for greater market stability and sustainable profitability/growth.
• Quality Control/Quality Assurance As the final checks available to a dairy plant is testing product just after it comes off the line and/or just before it goes out the door, they are frequently considered Critical Control Points. QC and or QA evaluations are facilitated by the LactiCheck because it provides objective testing that can be set up in satellite labs in convenient locations (i.e. just off the Production Floor or just outside the Shipping Coolers).

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Fat calibrated to fixed range (within +/- 1.0% fat): 0.3 - 9% (±0.06%) 9 - 14% (±0.08%)
Solids Not Fat (SNF): 6-12% (±0.1%)
Density: 1.0260-1.0330 g/cm3 (±0.0005 g/cm3)
Protein calibrated to fixed range (within +/- 1.0% protein): 2 - 5% (±0.1%)
Added water in milk: 2 - 60% (± 2%)
Lactose: 3 - 7% (±2%)
LactiCheck -02 RapiRead Milk Analyzer