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METTLER TOLEDO Densito Handheld Density Meter

$3,121.61 per EA


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Density (g/cm3) Range:
Density Accuracy(g/cm3):
± 0.001
Density Repeatability(g/cm3):
± 0.0005
Density Resolution(g/cm3):
Results Storage:
Maxiumum 1100
Usually Ships in 7-10 Days

Made for use in the lab and on-the-go, the Densito and DensitoPro are perfect for all applications: from quality control of incoming goods to at-line quality assurance of intermediate or final products. Users can be guided through multi-step procedures with clear directions, from measurement to cleaning. Density, Brix, and many more units using built-in calculations on the instrument are measured. Temperature compensation factors correct the measurement value to the desired temperature, ensuring accurate results no matter the temperature. The DensitoPro comes with an RFID and barcode reader, allowing for a simple point-and-shoot sample ID entry. Here are some examples of common uses of this instrument in the food and beverage setting; wort measurement in beer (°Plato) and Brix Measurement in Juice, wine and other beverages.