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MOTOROLA CLP1040 UHF 1 Watt, 4 Channel Radio

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The Motorola® CLP1040 Two-Way Radio is sleek, compact, and designed for retail, hospitality, and restaurant environments. Gain a competitive edge by providing team members with a quick and discreet response to questions or customer requests. Compact, light weight, and easy to use, the CLP series radios are an affordable way to improve employee and staff communications without having to use bulkier traditional radios.
The 1 watt UHF CLP1040 radio has four channels, is easily programmed, and will even work with a repeater. This radio covers up to a 100,000 square foot warehouse or up to 10 floors. The CLP1040 is also designed to be easy to use. To talk, just press the large PTT button on the front of the radio. There are no speakers, knobs, or keypads. Instead, most of the options are controlled by voice driven menus and small buttons located on the side of the radio. Each radio includes a headset with a PTT button and a comfortable ear-piece that is easy to wear. The CLP1040 also features an internal antenna for even more convenience. When in use, the LED ring around the top logo will glow to indicate transmitting, receiving, and battery status.
The Motorola CLP1040 two way radio is small, compact and weighs a mere 2.38 ounces with a battery, but it's no creampuff. The CLP1040 is capable of operating up to 9 hours on the included standard BT-60 lithium-ion battery and up to 14 hours on a high capacity Li-Ion battery (BT-90 optional). It also has antimicrobial protection to help prevent the growth of mold and germs on the radio itself and is Mil Spec 810 C, 810 D, 810 E, 810 F, 810 G rated for durability.