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NIKON E100 Microscope, 120V with Binocular Phase Package

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E100 Microscope, 120V with binocular phase package
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Nikon® designed this infinity corrected microscope to provide outstanding optical performance with elegant ergonomic touches, occupying a very small footprint. The Eclipse E100 fits easily into minimum storage space. Revolutionary CFI optics achieve flat and sharp images right up to the periphery of the view field. With phase contrast option as well as brightfield, the Eclipse E100 is the perfect choice for routine laboratory use.

Features: anti-mold design, smooth rotation quadruple nosepiece, double-plate mechanical stage, coaxial coarse/fine focus knob, easy-to-replace LED lamp. Includes E1-CFI 10X eyepeice with diopter adjustment (18 mm field of view), guide-marked ABBE condenser, 33 mm blue filter, 4X, 10X, 40X NA (numerical aperture) objectives, 100X oil immersion objective, and immersion oil.

Accessories: phase condenser/attachment for phase contrast and darkfield observations, ABBE condenser for brightfield observations, E2-TB binocular and E2-TF trinocular tubes, storage case. Optional digital camera system (trinocular eyepiece tube required).