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NIKON Eclipse E200 Compound Microscope with LED Illumination

$4,198.39 per EA


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E200 Phase
E200 Microscope, 120V w/binocular phase package
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Need a professional quality microscope? We highly recommend the Nikon® E200 Eclipse. Call Nelson-Jameson to discuss your food and dairy laboratory needs and to obtain more information about this exceptional microscope. The microscope is an invaluable tool for dairy and food laboratories as a variety of procedures require a microscope: DMC, somatic cell, fat globule, ice crystal, evaluation of starter cultures, and immediate microbiological assessment of incoming product.

An absolutely indispensable tool for today's food and dairy laboratories. Nikon incorporates premium features in the E200 at a significantly lower price than many comparable instruments. The streamlined design is attractive, comfortable to operate, and provides greater durability under constant use. Packed with advanced features, the E200 has the quality and versatility of an outstanding microscope in a compact design, all at an attractive price.

Ocular Head: Binocular (Trinocular available)
• Rotates freely and locks without pins or screws.
• Permits viewing from front, side or back.
• Siedentopf prism design.

Objectives: 4X, 10X, 40X, and 100X (oil immersion)
• 40X and 100X are spring-loaded to protect lens and specimen from unintentional contact pressure.
• Safety stop provided for lower-powered objectives.
• Infinity corrected 4X, 10X, 40X and 100X (oil immersion).
• Plan acromat lenses provide perfect focus across entire field.

Eyepieces: Focusable 10X wide field
• 20 mm field of view eyepieces.
• Comfortable focal length, even for technicians wearing glasses.
• Independent focus adjust for differences between eyes.
• Built-in reticle holder in both eyepieces.

Nosepiece: Quadruple ball-bearing revolving objective changer
• Provides exceptionally smooth action. Long, reliable life.
• Nikon exclusive CF160 infinity optical design.

Condenser: ABBE 1.2 N.A. works with 4X to 100X objective lenses
• Diaphragm on rack and pinion for Koehler illumination.
• Filter carrier. Supplied with daylight blue conversion filter.

Light source: 6V, 20W LED bulb located in microscope base
• Low-voltage, high-output light source is continuously variable.
• Semi-Koehler illumination regulates, disperses, and helps project the light source directly to the specimen.

Phase contrast: Optional
• Defines images without stain. Enhances depth of field.
• Ideal for measurement of fat globules, ice crystals, or examination of living organisms.

Focus control:
• Ergonomic in-line coaxial coarse and fine focus controls.
• Micrometer scale for depth measurement on right side.

Stage: Mechanical with 3" x 2" travel
• Exclusive "push-down" feature; ideal for wet preps.
• Spring-loaded stage clips.

Accessories: Immersion oil, bulbs, fuses and cover. Warranty: 5-year parts and labor. Parts inventory is maintained for 20 years.