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Nalgene 5250 Pipet Washer-Rinser

$1,308.34 per ST


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Set for 24" pipets
Usually Ships in 7-10 Days

Avoid problems related to disposal of single use pipets, save money by reusing glassware, and increase accuracy by purchasing high quality precision products. A well organized pipet washing system with the right components will give you those advantages without significant increases in labor costs.

Pipet jars of high density polyethylene are ideal for soaking pipets. Soaking instructions and formula are shown on the label. After soaking, place pipets into pipet basket which holds pipets securely as they are cleaned in the washer-rinser. Polyethylene perforated screen baskets cushion pipets and allow for complete drainage. The one-piece, leakproof, polyethylene washer-rinser has a wide range of cycling speeds. Operates with water pressure from 1-1/2 to 12 liters per minute. Complete with inlet and outlet tubing, ready for immediate installation. Set includes pipet jar, basket, and washer for 24" pipet sizes. Baskets and jars are also sold separately. Alcotab™ detergent recommended.

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