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Nelson-Jameson Defender Sanitary Pallet

$420.82 per EA


0371000 T
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Available with internal steel reinforcements for pallet rack use. Extra load capacity and other colors available upon special order.
• Specifications: 48" x 40" x 6.5". USDA & FDA accepted polyethylene. NOT rackable.
• Easy Handling: Pallet can be entered on all 4 sides by forklift and 2 sides by pallet jack.
• Non-Absorbent: USDA & FDA accepted polyethylene won't absorb water, a necessary element for bacterial growth.
• Creates Barrier: Solid flat top prevents passage of bacteria from unprotected area below pallet to product being stored on top.
• Washable: Pallets are easy to clean and sanitize with pallet washer, pressure scrubber, or by hand.