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SCOTCH-BRITE General Purpose Medium-Duty Scouring Pad No. 96

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The original synthetic scouring pad. This medium duty performance leader is ideal for such common cleaning jobs as equipment, walls, counters, railings, floors, and stairways. Bright green. 6"W x 9"L. 20 pads/box; 3 boxes/case.

There are imitations, but nothing lasts longer or works harder than the original…Scotch-Brite. Thousands of food plants have proven this to their satisfaction. So, whether you're cleaning cookers or tanks, floors or ceiling, laboratory glassware or teflon-coated parts…there is a Scotch-Brite product for you.

Each 3M Scotch-Brite product is designed for a specific cleaning job. The fiber, mineral, resin and density of the pad is matched to the particular task. Yet, every pad gives you these important features:
• Open web construction which rinses clean easily.
• Conformity to surfaces, corners and crevices.
• Long-lasting pads which won't fall apart on the job.
• Rust and mildew resistance.
• No metal fragments left behind on the surface.

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