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SHEL LAB Digital Vacuum Ovens

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5863064 TD
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4.5 cu ft
18"W x 24"D x 18"H
26.5"W x 34.5"D x 32.3"H
Shelves Included:
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Built with a stainless steel chamber for exceptional durability and constructed with seamless welds and strong bracing. The double plenum design meets CE safety requirements resulting in a cool outer surface. Our unique cross-flow ventilation forces inert gas to fill the entire chamber. To achieve required vacuum levels, users can choose from a 3/8 inch orifice or a KF25 fitting to withstand heavy use and minimize draw-down time. Maximum permitted end vacuum is 10 mTorr. Leak rate is 10 mTorr per hour. The doors on these units have positive latch handles with spring-loaded glass to facilitate a good vacuum seal without hinge binds that shorten the gasket life. Equipped with silicone gaskets. Other features include: capable of 40 step ramp and soak profiles, or 4 files with 10 steps per file, can achieve impressive vacuum levels, and built-in over temperature protection. Digital temperature and vacuum controls. Temperature range: ambient + 10°C to 220°C. Temperature uniformity: ±6% of set point. 120V (220V units are available). 2-year limited warranty. Made in the USA.