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Sediment Test Cards and Discs

$79.85 per BX


Mfr #:
999 CARD
Sold By:
500/bx, 10 bx/ca
Usually Ships in 1-2 Days

Test cards filter the medium and provide a positive record in one step. They consist of a reporting card with filter disc attached. Accommodate up to 1.25" aperture openings.
• NJ-1 is our most popular test card. Also available as disc without card. USDA-specified fabric.
• NJ-2 is the same disc, but card has a slightly different reporting format.
• NJ-3 was designed for heavy cream, dried dairy products (such as whey or non-fat dry milk) or similar products that will not pass through NJ-1 or NJ-2. Fabric carries no USDA acceptance.
• 999 has the same reporting format as NJ-3, but has the same disc as NJ-1 and NJ-2. USDA-specified fabric.