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TWIRL'EM Clear Sample Bag with Flat Wire

$82.82 per BX


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5.5" x 9"
Usually Ships in 1-2 Days

The original twirl-style sample bag developed by Albert Mojonnier in 1959. Made of heavy polyethylene; these bags do not have side seals to break or leak; and are inherently sterile without ethylene oxide gas sterilization. Utilizing unique manufacturing process, formed from a continuous tube of clear, virgin plastic. The heat of manufacturing assures sterility. Air utilized in the process is double-filtered through HEPA filters.

Therefore, these bags contain no dust, microorganisms, or ethylene oxide residues. Sterility is confirmed by independent laboratory testing. Available in a wide variety of sizes—including jumbo bags for extra-large samples.

Choose from round or flat wire closures. Round wire twirls closed, forming a strong, rolled plastic seal. Flat wire, often preferred for extra strength in larger bags, seals with a simple fold-and-clamp motion. Optional white stripe is convenient for labeling samples.

Product Advantages:
• Product meets USDA and ACIA industry standards.
• FDA-compliant 100% low density polyethylene.
• R-NASE, D-NASE and Pyrogen free.
• Maximum bag mouth opening to facilitate insertion of sample.
• Sterility confirmation documentation available in every box.
• Bags accommodate solid, semi-solid and liquid material.

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