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Titrette Bottletop Burette

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Titrette standard
50 mL
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The BrandTech® Titrette bottletop burette is a worthy successor to BrandTech's popular digital Buret™ III, making routine titrations even faster, easier and more accurate. Instrument is well suited for food/beverage analysis, industrial titrations, water treatment applications, general chemistry, and environmental work in the lab or field. The Titrette avoids the risk of spills from poured transfers to glass or plastic burettes, eliminates meniscus reading errors and offers accuracy that satisfies the tolerances for Class A glass burettes. Easy Calibration™ technology simplifies ISO/GLP compliance. The Titrette with optional RS232 interface can upload your results directly into a spreadsheet or LIMS system without transcription error.

• The 25 mL models dispense in increments of .001 mL to 20 mL and .01 mL from 20 to 25 mL.
• The 50 mL models dispense in increments of .002 mL to 20 mL and .01 mL from 20 to 50 mL.

Adjusts easily to a broad range of bottle sizes. Includes performance certificate, telescoping fill tube, recirculation tube, batteries, 3 polypropylene bottle adapters, 2 colored light shield inspection windows, and operating manual. 1-year warranty.

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Capacity: 50 mL
Titrette Bottletop Burette