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UDY Protein Analysis System Dairy Tester

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Dairy Tester
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One of the best kept secrets in dairy and food testing, the UDY System offers the premier value in protein testing. The UDY Protein Analysis System is one of the most versatile and reliable methods of rapid protein analysis available to the food industry. This proven method is suitable for a wide range of food products: fluid milk (AOAC approved), other dairy products, meat products, grains, whey, ultrafiltration products, and casein.

Two UDY units are available. The versatile Colorimeter may be calibrated in-house to test multiple parameters of over 40 products. The economical Dairy Tester can be pre-set with up to four calibrations to test for protein in products selected by the user. Both set-ups include basic accessory items, but for most testing applications additional components are needed. Each unit can be set for up to 4 applications.

Udy Dairy Tester and Colorimeter include: Instruction manual, flow through cuvet, drain bottle with tubing, power supply, and 2 bottles w/dropper cap (125 mL each).

If you're interested in protein measurement, please call 800/826-8302 for further information. Let us know the product you wish to test, the number of samples per day, and any special requirements you may have…and we'll recommend a system for you.

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