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UV/VIS Cuvettes 4-Sided

$89.17 per PK


Mfr #:
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Propietary Polymer
Filling Volume Minimum:
2.5 mL
Filling Volume Maximum:
Range of Application UV:
230-800 nm
Usually Ships in 7-10 Days

When results count, choose BRAND disposable cuvettes with four optically clear sides for fluorescence applications. Available in high quality polystyrene for measurements from 340nm to 800nm, as well as a proprietary polymer for precise measurements in both the visible and UV-range (230-800nm). Polystyrene (PS) cuvettes are the least expensive, however they have the lowest chemical resistance, and are only suitable for visible light applications, with a lower wavelength limit of around 340nm. BRAND UV-Cuvettes use a proprietary plastic to allow measurement as low as 230nm, and has resistance to many polar organics as well as many acids and bases. The UV-cuvettes also show no autofluorescence. Cuvettes have a standard 10mm light path for use in all standard fluorimeters. BRAND fluorescence cuvettes, like all BRAND cuvettes, are made of the highest quality raw materials, precision molded for the best optical clarity, with parallel walls of uniform thickness to optimize transmission and minimize refraction. They are then mold cavity sorted ensuring cuvette-to-cuvette consistency for highly reproducible results. With an industry standard 10mm light path, BRAND 4-sided clear cuvettes fit most common fluorometers. Cuvettes are packaged in trays containing 100 cuvettes. Trays are made of low-dust, non-scratching, expanded polystyrene. Exterior dimensions 12.5 x 12.5 x 45 mm.