Delvotest® Antibiotic Residue Tests for Dairy Farm Applications

Delvotest® antibiotic residue tests from DSM eliminate the uncertainties dairy farmers face when testing for antibiotics in milk. Whether you are testing individual cows or a bulk tank, the consequences of an unreliable test can be costly and devastating.

As a dairy farmer, you face uncertainties:

  • Consider those cows you just purchased. The seller said they were healthy and clear of any antibiotics, but are they?
  • How about that cow you've been treating? You've waited the prescribed amount of time. She should be clear. She probably is. Can you be sure?
  • What kind of antibiotic residue tests will be conducted at the dairy, and downstream from there? Will your results meet their standards?
  • How will antibiotic residue standards change, and when? In today's global economy, you do not know where your dairy products might end up, and what regulations might apply.

Why Delvotest®?

  • Delvotest® detects the broadest spectrum of antibiotics, with clear readings upon which you can rely. You cannot find a broader spectrum test, period.
  • Delvotest® has been a trusted global leader in antibiotic residue testing for over 40 years.
  • DSM knows dairy. Not only do we make Delvotest®, we are an industry leader in dairy cultures and ingredients. DSM is totally immersed in dairy and you can trust your antibiotic residue testing to our dairy expertise.
  • Delvotest® is rooted in the science of fermentation technology. DSM is a recognized world leader in fermentation – the science is solid and the results are trustworthy.
  • Delvotest® is the global testing standard in the major dairy-producing countries around the world. From Europe to New Zealand, there is no more reliable test than Delvotest®.
  • Can be used with bovine, sheep, goat and water buffalo milk.

Most Common Antibiotics Detected by Delvotest®

Product Name Drug
AlbaDry Plus Penicillin G
Amoxi-Mast Amoxicillin
Dariclox Cloxacillin
Dry-Clox Cloxacillin
EXCEDE Ceftiofur
Hetacin K Hetacillin
Masticlear Penicillin G
multiple brand names Penicillin G
multiple brand names Oxytetracycline
Naxcel Ceftiofur
Orbenin-DC Cloxacillin
Pirsue Pirlimycin
Spectramast DC Ceftiofur
Spectramast LC Ceftiofur
Today Cephapirin
Tomorrow Cephapirin

Recommended for Dairy Farmers:

Delvotest® SP-NT

Delvotest® SP-NT
(25 tests/kit or 100 tests/kit)
Delvotest® SP-NT is available in a convenient test kit that is perfect for screening individual cows and bulk tanks.

  • Detects the broadest spectrum of antibiotics
  • Detection limits are in-line with FDA tolerances/safe levels
  • No tablet required, just add milk to the ampoule
  • Requires the use of a Delvotest® incubator
  • Accurate results in under three hours
  • Results are indicated by color
  • Self-contained kits, except for the required block heater
  • Each kit contains individual plastic ampoules containing Bacillus stearothermophilus in a solid medium, disposable pipets and instructions.
Delvotest® T

Delvotest® T
(25 tests/kit or 100 tests/kit)
Are you concerned with meeting European standards? Delvotest® T is a broad spectrum test that identifies a variety of antibiotics at or below European Union Maximum Residue Levels with a higher sensitivity for tetracycline. It features robust performance and consistent results, and has become the industry benchmark in the Netherlands to detect antibiotic residues in milk throughout the dairy chain.

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