For 30-years, Remco has had a partnership with Vikan®, a global leader in supplying hygienically designed
products. Their 120+ years of experience and focus on hygienic design helps to provide comprehensive
solutions to food processors.

Remco provides specialized solutions and products for cleaning and material handling where hygiene and
safety are critical—including color-coded tools to help prevent cross-contamination. These products are
designed to increase the quality of cleaning while reducing costs, and encourage cleanliness and proper
hygiene in your food production facility. Remco also offers products the food industry relies on including
tubs, pails, scoops, and protective clothing.

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Color-Coded Trainings & Assessments

Virtual Training Sessions provide guidance on how to select the right cleaning tools,
how to properly maintain and care for tools, and best practices to store tools. 

Complimentary customized on-site and virtual assessments, conducted by a Remco SQF Practitioner Qualified Expert, will aim to identify and solve potential hygiene and sanitation issues based on your facility’s cleaning and material handling tools. 

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Color-Coded Products

A complete color-coded system helps promote organization and efficient work flow. Designating critical control areas and zones helps your sanitation program by ensuring that the tools stay in the areas in which they are meant to be used, doing jobs they are meant to do.

Color-coded systems also help avoid bacterial and allergen migration within a facility, allowing you to maintain a safe food processing facility.

Nelson-Jameson brings together the most extensive collection of color-coded products for material and product handling, janitorial, safety, and QA/QC applications.

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