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A complete color-coded system helps your sanitation program by assuring that plant tools stay in the areas in which they are meant to be used, doing jobs they are meant to do. This helps stop bacterial migration between areas of the plant, and even from one application to another.

Nelson-Jameson brings together the most extensive collection of color-coded products for materials handling, product handling, janitorial, safety, apparel, QA/QC and metal detectable applications. So take the next step in your sanitation program and add to your color-coded program to make it more effective.

Color-Coded Brush Program Tips

Here are some tips to keep your color-coded brush program effective:

  • Separate brushes to avoid contamination.
  • Use separate brushes for internal and external surfaces.
  • Restrict brushes to their particular zone of use.
  • Maintain and store brushes properly.
  • Sanitize brushes between uses.

Total Color Brushes

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Take color-coding to the next level with Total Color Brushes blocks and bristles made of the same color. All brushes are made from FDA-compliant materials and are autoclavable to 250 F/121 C. The block is solid polypropylene construction. Total color brushes are offered in a number of different styles.

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