Please keep in mind that at times when temperatures are too low Nelson-Jameson will not be able to ship items that cannot be allowed to freeze, which could compromise the integrity/performance of the product.

The guidelines that will be followed are:

When the daytime high is less than 15°F  OR the nighttime low is less than 0°F, freezable items will not be shipped.

Reconstituting Guidelines

During the winter months many lab chemicals, liquid cleaning chemicals, lubricants and sanitizers will freeze at, or near, the freezing point of water. Some freeze at higher temperatures, such as liquid caustics, which start through an area of partial solidifications at 48ºF (9ºC) and may become solid at 39ºF (4ºC).

Most liquid chemicals will reconstitute after warming. The quality is generally not impaired. However, there are some products which become unacceptable if frozen.

If a compounded liquid product freezes, separation generally occurs during freezing and during thawing. If the product freezes slowly and is thawed slowly at cold temperatures, say 33° to 40ºF (1° to 4ºC), the various compounds may separate into perfect layers. Every compound has its own freezing and melting temperature. Separation can be greatly reduced if the frozen product is thawed at 70° to 80ºF (20° to 27ºC). Agitation may be necessary before use after thawing.

To protect product integrity, we take measures not to ship during times when temperatures drop below 15ºF. This ensures your shipment is not left in an unheated truck or building overnight. We will try to ship early in the week, and suggest other shipping options to get you what you need, when you need it.

A. Do not allow to freeze—will not reconstitute and/or will be adversely affected:

Acetic Acid
All .1N Solutions
Cheese & Butter Color
Chemland Statibac/Asid-O-San
Chloride Standard
Coagulase Plasma
Cryoscope Standards
Delvotest P/SP Kits
EY Tellurite
Food Grade Defoamers
Gram Stains
Methylene Blue Stains

Pasteurization Standards
Penzyme Kits
pH Buffers
pH Electrodes
Prepared Media: Contact Plates, Air Sampler Strips
Raven Biological Indicators
Rutgers Test Kits
Silver Nitrates
Sodium Hypochlorite Sanitizers
SystemSure Swabs
Thermospore Suspensions
Udy Dye Solutions
Water Canisters

B. Can be reconstituted by thoroughly mixing:

Acid Cleaners—will freeze at relatively cool temperatures
Alkali Cleaners—will freeze at relatively cool temperatures. May need agitation to reconstitute.
Teat Dips & Udderwashes

C. Can be shipped without any adverse affect: