Does your liner measure up? If not, here’s a comprehensive Trash Can & Liner Selection Guide designed to help you choose the right can and liner for your application.

Types of Plastic

Linear Low Density Bag

Provides excellent combination of strength, puncture resistance and tear resistance. Ideal for sharp objects and where transport conditions are tough.

High Density Bag

Ideal for paper and non-sharp objects under standard transport conditions. Low tear resistance. Uses less plastic than Linear Low Density bags. Excellent dry and wet load capacity.


Mil: Term used in the measurement of Linear Low Density Liners. One mil is .001″. Liners range from .35 to 4.0 mil.
Micron: Measurement of High Density Liners. 25.4 microns equals .001″. Liners range from 6 to 24 micron.

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