Yarn Varieties

Cotton: Good absorption and retention with limited shrinkage and a low initial cost. Break-in period required to remove natural oils and gain full absorbency of the mop. Susceptible to mildew that can rot mop and shorten product life.

Rayon: Absorbs quickly with easy release. Dries fast and is mildew-resistant. Cleaner yarn with less linting. Used primarily for special applications such as floor finishing.

Cotton/Synthetic Blend: Combines high performance with long product life. Cotton fibers provide high water absorption and retention for effective floor drying. Synthetic fibers provide maximum water pick-up and strength for increased product life. No “break-in” required.

Cut-End vs. Looped-End Mops


Cut-End: Most popular, lower purchase prices and perceived to be more economical. But because cut-end mops cannot be laundered they are often thrown away before their lifespan is complete, making their ultimate cost higher. Fray and unravel with use and have a tendency to leave behind loose strands and lint.




Looped-End: Offer more superior performance and last longer than cut-end style mops. Prevent fraying and unraveling resulting in reduced labor costs and lower replacement cost. Can be laundered. With proper laundering, mop will last 8 to 10 months longer than cut-end mop.

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