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3M™ Petrifilm™ Plate Reader Advanced Promo

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Promo includes: Special PPRA pricing and a 2-year extended warranty.

A compact instrument that automates the enumeration of 10 different 3M Petrifilm Plates and the 3M Petrifilm Staph Express Disk to enhance laboratory productivity and ensure accurate, consistent readings. Results are stored in the Plate Manager Software for data analysis. Following incubation, these Petrifilm plates can be easily fed into the 3M Petrifilm Plate Reader Advanced where each plate is imaged and enumerated via onboard fixed artificial intelligence in less than six seconds. Each artificial intelligence network was trained and validated with a wide assortment of food matrices to ensure accurate plate enumeration. This plate reader works with the following Petrifilm plates:

• Rapid Aerobic Count
• Rapid Coliform Count
• Rapid E. coli/Coliform Count
• Rapid Yeast and Mold Count
• Aerobic Count, Coliform Count
• Enterobacteriaceae Count
• E. coli/Coliform Count
• Select E. coli Count
• Staph Express Count
• Staph Express Disk.

The 3M Petrifilm Plate Manager Software utilizes a simple and streamlined user interface to collect, store, and report results. The system recognizes 10 barcode symbologi which enables users to easily map details such as technician, food type, and dilution, rather than transcribing by hand. Results can be exported to a user's Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and other reporting tools. Additionally, it allows users to access results from multiple PC's that are connected to a company intranet.