What makes us different? We are a singular resource. Our diverse offering of products includes nearly everything your food, dairy or beverage plant needs, including hard-to-find and specialty items. From sanitation and maintenance, to the laboratory or processing line, you’re sure to find what you need. Can’t find what you are looking for? Call our Customer Service Department at (800) 826-8302 for assistance.

70th Anniversary Edition Buyer's Guide

Buyers Guide

Lab•alog: A New Way to Define Laboratory Supply

Our new Lab•alog consists of products that customers concerned about food safety and Quality Control are looking for and use on a daily basis. Special features, like a four color insert featuring 3M™ Food Safety products, easy to reference product headings and other useful tools will bring everything together for anyone responsible for ordering laboratory supplies.

Lab-alog Catalog


Our new Color-Coded catalog consists of the most extensive line of color-coded products you’ll find anywhere.

Color-Coded Catalog


Since Nelson-Jameson offers a wide line of products from a single source, we are able to provide a wide range of solutions. Our literature and product solutions are unique to Nelson-Jameson, and reflect how our collection of products come together to assist you in meeting your plant’s needs.

Environmental Testing Solutions: Featuring Environmental Sample Collection, ATP Testing, Surface and Protein Allergen Testing, Allergen Test Kits, Pathogen & Micro Testing, and Air Sampling products.
NJ_Nilfisk Vac Flyer Nilfisk Vacuums: Improve sanitation and utilize dry cleaning when dealing with dust and powder.
2015 Metal Detectable Catalog-1 Metal Detectable Products: Protect your product and your reputation with metal detectable products.
3M-Food_Safety-Cover 3M Food Safety Products:  Featuring a wide range of 3M Food Safety Products, including top sellers.
3M-Safety-Flyer-Cover-232x300 3M Safety Products: Featuring a wide range of 3M Safety Products, including top sellers.
Sanitary Hose Assemblies Sanitary Hose Assembly Products: Meet Sanitary Standards with our hose assembly products.
Trash-Can-&-Liner-Guide Trash Can Liner & Selection Guide: A comprehensive selection guide to help you choose the right can and liner.
Floor_Care_Flyer Floor Care Flyer: From floor machines to chemicals, brooms, and wet floor signs—we bring you a complete line of floor care products.
Hand Hygiene Flyer Hand Hygiene: Proper hand hygiene protects your employees, your products and your reputation.
Chloride-Analyzer-Sell-Sheet-1 M926 Chloride Analyzer: An accurate, practical salt and chloride measurement system for the food industry.
Cleaning Equipment: A wide selection of our cleaning solutions, featuring Foamers, Sprayers, Mixing Stations, Floor Machines, Autoscrubbers, Cleaning Machines, and Automated Cleaning Systems.
Footwear & Surface Sanitation: In the food production process, cross contamination can occur at any point. Having an effective sanitation program in place that addresses footwear and surface contaminants is key.
SupplyRITE™ Vendor Managed Inventory: A robust offering of customizable vendor managed inventory (VMI) solutions for the food industry. By partnering technology with years of inventory and food industry expertise we are able to walk you through the process of better managing your costs, time, and inventory so you can focus on what you do best.
Tanker Equipment, Parts, & Accessories: Featuring a wide selection of tanker equipment, parts and accessories including fittings, filters, tank gaskets, vents, valves, pumps, hoses, sampling equipment, and security seals to protect product.