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Enhancing Your Overall Workplace Safety Program!

Improve worker safety, increase productivity, and lower overall costs with AnsellGUARDIAN® personal risk management solutions. 

Each complimentary assessment is tailor-made to meet your specific objectives, whether that be for a single application or for an entire facility. You will receive best practice recommendations to optimize your PPE dispensing and advise on business performance improvements for lower overall costs.


  • Mitigate workplace hazards and injuries.
  • Improve productivity and business performance.
  • Validated hand and body safety solutions.
  • Application standardization and SKU reduction.
  • Documented cost savings.
  • OSHA job safety analysis.
  • Complimentary assessment.
AnsellGUARDIAN Steps: Data Collection, Assessment, Validation, Implementation, Training, ExpansionAnsellGUARDIAN Steps: Data Collection, Assessment, Validation, Implementation, Training, Expansion
Hand holding ipad with Ansell website product optionsHand holding ipad with Ansell website product options

What Is Achieved:

Safety & Compliance—provide a personalized risk management solution to improve worker safety, increase regulatory compliance, and optimize injury reduction.

Cost Performance Analysis—advise on business performance improvements that result in a reduction of overall cost of ownership.

Productivity—deliver best-practice recommendations to optimize employee performance, while increasing your output.

How It's Done:

Tailor-Made—field experts observe each application, using data provided and a proven process for a customized, tailor-made assessment that will achieve your objectives.

Sustainable Partnership—initiate the partnership by analyzing, implementing, and improving your PPE-related operations and performance to determine your current and future safety needs, one assessment at a time.

Results Oriented—simple and clear process focuses on the most relevant areas to deliver the appropriate safety solution.

Nelson-Jameson can help clarify your needs, whether it be cut resistant gloves, chemical gloves or suits, impact gloves or other types of workplace protection!

*Virtual Assessments Possible.

Introducing the new AnsellGUARDIAN®:

How To Select The Right Chemical Body Protection:

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View our Ansell Safety Products Flyer with multi-hazard hand & body protection solutions for the food industry. Innovative products paired with advanced technology give you the peace of mind and confidence that your workers will be safe on the job.

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