Remco and Vikan® offer a range of material scraping, measuring, and transporting tools to meet the varying
demands of food processors. Due to the nature of material handling tools in food processing environments,
these tools are carefully designed and produced from materials that comply with regulatory standards. Any tool
that contacts food should be backed by the appropriate documentation to support a written food safety plan,
which can be provided to users. 

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Color-Coded Products

A complete color-coded system helps promote organization and efficient work flow. Designating critical control areas and zones helps your sanitation program by ensuring that the tools stay in the areas in which they are meant to be used, doing jobs they are meant to do.

Color-coded systems also help avoid bacterial and allergen migration within a facility, allowing you to maintain a safe food processing facility.

Nelson-Jameson brings together the most extensive collection of color-coded products for material and product handling, janitorial, safety, and QA/QC applications.

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