This week has been a busy week of meetings for me. I first met with Carlisle to ‘brainstorm’ on some big picture topics and then met with Wausau Paper to discuss the janitorial side of their product offering. Both meetings were very productive and are going to result in some great product offerings for Nelson Jameson.

Let’s start with Carlisle. As we all know color-coding has been a very big topic lately. We’ve been working hard to add orange to the line, but no matter how hard we work, customers are always asking for something we don’t have in orange or want even more colors! In our meeting we discussed ‘orange’ and the fact that Carlisle is looking to drastically expand their offering and add additional products in orange, but this will be a gradual change without specific dates. But, the point is they have listened to us and we’ll be getting more products!

Now moving onto Wausau Paper. It has been brought to their attention, yet again, that we do more than sell dairy towels to farm dealers…and they are finally listening. I sat with the national sales rep to discuss their programs and product offering. Wausau Paper has a lot more to offer than we’ve ever taken advantage of.  With our added support in the Wausau Paper line, this is going to allow us to provide an expanded product offering.

I feel that both of these meetings made it obvious that our relationship with our customers and vendors is continually evolving. Things run smoothly when we listen to our customers needs and pass those needs onto those vendors who value our input and take it into consideration. Creating a working relationship is all about adjusting to change, and at Nelson-Jameson we feel that it all starts with great listening skills.