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Delfin Industrial Vacuums & Dust Collectors

Delfin’s diverse product line of dust collection systems are designed to help mitigate the threat of fine dust and loose material—including hazardous combustible dust. Choose the best industrial vacuum and dust collectors for your application.

What Is The Difference Between Industrial Vacuums And Dust Collectors?

Industrial vacuums are designed to remove dust from surfaces, while dust collectors are designed to remove dust from the air. Since the volume of air in a plant is much greater than surface area square footage, industrial dust collectors move a much higher volume of air and dust than vacuums.

Combustible Dust

What is combustible dust?

NFPA 652 defines combustible dust as a “finely divided combustible particle solid that presents a flash fire hazard or explosion hazard when suspended in air of the process-specific oxidizing medium over a range of concentrations.” This applies to all facilities that manufacture, blend, package, repackage, convey, handle combustible dust, or particulate solids that may become dust.

How does a dust explosion occur?

When the following elements combine at the same time, there is risk of a dust explosion:

  • Combustible Dust: the fuel to burn for the explosion. It hoards in high spot areas or out of sight areas.
  • Oxygen in Air: fire needs oxygen to burn, which can be found almost everywhere.
  • Dispersion: hoarded dust can easily become a dust cloud suspended in the air, increasing the explosion hazard.
  • Confinement: dust confined in closed areas cannot be dispersed and increases dust particle concentration.
  • Ignition: the element that triggers explosions. The ignition source can vary and also can depend on what the dust is made from.

There are also some materials that become combustible only when in dust form. Keep in mind that after a first explosion, dust is dispersed into the air, which could result in a more deadly, secondary explosion.


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Designed for people who assess and manage plant operations including:
Safety Directors, Plant Managers, Quality Control, Production Managers, Environmental Health & Safety Managers, Engineering, Maintenance, Sanitation and Purchasing departments. Perfect for processing facilities, manufacturing plants, and other environments that can generate combustible dust.

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