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Metal Detectable Products

Maximize Food Safety in Your Processing Plant

Detection of contaminants is a key part of food safety. Increasingly demanding government regulations continue to fuel the importance of product inspection equipment to detect and reject harmful and intrusive objects. These contaminants can damage equipment, cause injury, or result in a recall if your product has reached the end user. By using metal-detectable or x-ray visible items and following guidelines, the likelihood of product contamination can be significantly reduced.

If you use product inspection equipment at your facility, we can help enhance your HACCP and GMP programs. Our comprehensive offering of metal-detectable and x-ray visible products ensures your product’s integrity. 

Metal Detectable Pens, Tools, Safety PPE, and Thousands More!

Metal Detectable Pens

Detectamet’s metal detectable pens are produced from a specially formulated food contact approved polymer that combines metal and x-ray detectability. The pen bodies are flexible and shatterproof making them ideal for use in food processing plants to help achieve safety and compliance.

with clip

lanyard attachment

without clip

Writing Solutions for All Environments

GeneralDetectamet’s pens are ergonomically designed for long periods of use.
FreezingCryo pens can write in extremely low temperatures, such as cold storage down to -4°F (-20°C).
PowderedDetectamet has developed a cryo pen that avoids clogging up and will continue to write. This is most useful in mills and bakeries.
ChilledGel and cryo pens work in low temperatures, ideal for use in chilled areas.
Wet/DampThe specially developed Detectamet cryo ink refill won’t smear when used in damp areas.
EnclosedFor tight environments, you need a pen that can write at unusual angles, which our cryo pens can achieve.
RefillablePens can be refilled for a cost and time savings.

Metal Detectable Clipboards

Any plastic clipboard can be customized by choosing from various colors, clips, ring binder mechanisms, and hanging hooks. You can have your company name or a series of sequential numbers engraved for further personalization.

Choose Your Clipboard Style:

  • HD Stainless Steel Clip
  • Stainless Steel Economy Clip
  • Chrome Plated Economy Clip
  • Stainless Steel
  • Metal Detectable Plastic
  • Magnetic Plastic

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Test Your Knowledge:

Why are Metal Detectable Products Blue?

The bright blue color provides easy visual detection and is the most common non-food color.

What is the Difference Between Embedded Metal and Impregnated Material?

A product with embedded metal is only detectable if the product piece containing the metal goes through a detector. With a product that is impregnated, the entire piece has fine metal particles throughout, making the entire piece, or parts of it, detectable.

What Makes Products Metal Detectable?

In plastic products such as scrapers, pens, and vinyl gloves, a unique manufacturing process involving the inclusion of a metallic pigment enables the plastic to be detected. In other products, such as earplugs, a stainless steel ball-bearing is enclosed in the plug to make them detectable.

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