EPDM is the standard elastomer on many pumps and valves and is not compatible with petroleum-based products. Using lubricants such as the popular Petro-Gel or Lubri-Film in these applications is not a good choice as it will degrade your equipment elastomers and decrease the life of your parts.

Due to the high melting point non-CIP lubricants have, there is the potential to contaminate your product with bacteria such as Listeria. Petroleum-based products have a melting point of 190°, but typical CIP cycles are only 160 to 180°F, meaning the residue will not melt and clean away. If a spare part somehow came in contact with bacteria, the high melting point of these non-CIP lubricants would function to protect the bacteria during the CIP cycle and could contaminate your products.

To lubricate your EPDM pump and valve parts, use Haynes or McGlaughlin CIP films (312-2020 or 435-2005). With melting points of 120°, they will wash away completely during your CIP cycle.

*If you are concerned about Listeria, Nelson-Jameson offers several ways to test for Listeria, (302-3990 swabs w/ 512-3025 broth).