As an NJ customer, do you find yourself only in one or two sections of the catalog, or always hitting the same tab on the website?   In the forthcoming weeks, some of the "Wide Line" entries will be highlighting a variety of products and some of the industries that we work with that you might not expect.  This week we’ll focus on Sqwincher Activity Drinks.

Sqwincher products speak to a major industry need for our customers, as well as within our own operations at Nelson-Jameson. Hydration at the workplace has a lot to do with safety, health, and productivity. A piece in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition states, “Athletes and industrial workers comprise the populations that are most often challenged by hydration issues; however, industrial workers are another often-overlooked population sharing these concerns.” Like Derek Jeter or Eli Manning on the field, workers in industrial settings should be focused on proper hydration on the floor.

The study discusses that this reality can pose some significant issues for workers and businesses. Dehydration can affect cognitive skills including alertness, an obvious concern when it comes to workplace safety. In addition to such health issues, the authors cite one study that indicated a 12% drop in productivity when employees were dehydrated. When alerted to the effects of dehydration in the workplace, it can definitely make one start to feel thirsty for some answers.

Sqwincher, a company that has become an industry mainstay for hydration concerns may have some practical answers for your operation. Founded in 1975, Sqwincher is a “leader in electrolyte replacement drinks” and  “has been credited with improving workplace safety, hydration, and focus in high-heat industrial environments."  Sqwincher products are made in various forms and feature a variety of flavors. In individual packet form, powder packs, and concentrates, Nelson-Jameson offers customers a wide variety of choices. The spectrum of choices allows individual operations to develop an effective and accessible hydration program, with a product that employees enjoy drinking.

For more information on Sqwincher Activity Drinks and the most effective ways to incorporate them into your operation, contact: Carol Blakey- Safety & Personnel Product Manager, [email protected], 1-800-826-8302 ext: 1045 or visit our website.