Nelson-Jameson Featured in We Supply America’s “Force for Good” shop

Proceeds will be donated to the Nelson-Jameson Foundation until end of 2023

MARSHFIELD, WI – Oct 12, 2023Nelson-Jameson, a leading distributor in the food processing industry, has teamed up with We Supply America in the launch of its new “Force for Good” online store. Nelson-Jameson was featured as one of eight companies in the third season of We Supply America’s documentary series, which champions the distribution industry. During the premiere of Nelson-Jameson's episode on LinkedIn Live last Thursday, We Supply America Founder and Executive Producer Dirk Beveridge announced that a percentage of the proceeds from the “Force for Good” store will be donated to the Nelson-Jameson Foundation. 

Beveridge, an industry consultant with more than 36 years of experience in supply chain distribution, started We Supply America as a response to the challenges that distribution and supply chain companies faced during the pandemic. He created a series that documents him traveling across the U.S. interviewing distribution leaders and companies with people-first values and contributions to the communities they serve. Beveridge was moved to launch the online store during the third season of the series which focuses on visionary companies trying to be a “Force for Good.” 

“’Force For Good’ is more than a mantra; it's a way of life, a conscious choice to see and be the best in ourselves and the world around us. As I’ve traveled the country, I have discovered that the Nelson-Jamesons of the world, these independent family/employee-owned distribution businesses that I’ve had the chance to visit, are truly a force for good, or as we like to say to “be gooder,’” said Beveridge. “They are constantly looking for ways beyond that bottom line. They make an impact for society in their local communities and beyond.”

Nelson-Jameson defines its culture based on honesty, integrity, and kindness, and a commitment to operating in an ethical manner with respect for people, the community, and the environment. Through the Nelson-Jameson Foundation, the 76-year-old family-owned company supports philanthropic organizations that share its values and awards grants to charitable programs related to the food and dairy industries or local communities.  

“We have a long legacy of philanthropy as a company. I’m so happy that the Nelson-Jameson Foundation is able to shine a spotlight and lead by example to do good, to be gooder. It shows that compassion and profit don’t have to be mutually exclusive,” says Nelson-Jameson’s fourth generation owner Amanda Sasse.

The shop features inspirational merchandise with the “force for good” and “be gooder” taglines. Hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, water bottles, journals, and more all for sale on the site. 

“The world could use more of ‘being gooder.’ We’re fortunate to be in the food industry, which is very humble, very neighborly. When you focus on these things, you can ‘be gooder,’” says Nelson-Jameson president Mike Rindy. “It’s a a humble cause that you are leading. You’re proud to be part of it, and it’s inspiring to be part of it.”

To learn more about the Force for Good movement and make a purchase to support the Nelson-Jameson Foundation, go to 

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Photo caption (Courtesy of We Supply America): Nelson-Jameson’s fourth generation owner talks to We Supply America’s Executive Producer Dirk Beveridge about the company’s people-first culture and commitment to giving back to the communites it serves through the Nelson-Jameson Foundation.