IAFPIAFP (International Association for Food Protection) Annual Meeting will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana; August 3-6, 2014. As always, Nelson-Jameson will be attending. The conference’s various educational symposiums provide information on current and emerging food safety issues, solutions to new and reoccurring problems, and the opportunity to network with other food safety professionals from around the world.

With thousands in attendance this has become one of the leading food safety conferences worldwide. On Sunday through Tuesday hundreds of exhibitors will be featuring items that represent the latest in cutting-edge innovations in food safety-technology.

At our booth we are excited to show the attendees some of the following items: Thermo-Buttons (small, accurate data loggers to measure temperatures anywhere in the plant, lab or trucks), the Check-Set™Thermometer Calibrator (used to verify the temperature reading of any of your thermometers), allergen test kits (quick, easy and accurate), the newly expanded metal detectable offering, and the wide array of color-coded items with the new mystery color to unveil (you will have to stop by our booth, #379, to see what that is).

Dates and locations to keep in mind for future IAFP meetings; July 25-July 28, 2015 held in Portland, Oregon and July 31 – August 3, 2016 in St. Louis, Missouri. We hope to see you at IAFP Annual Meeting in August!