A basic understanding of water chemistry is essential for operating an efficient and profitable food production operation.  Nelson-Jameson, Inc. is a sustaining member of the International Association of Food Protection (IAFP) and supports the educational programs of the Wisconsin affiliate.  Given the critical role of water in a successful food production operation, this program warrants special consideration among our industry customers.

What is the water activity of your finished products?  Is it in the “safe zone” below levels which support growth of pathogens? Is the maximum legal amount of water incorporated into your products without affecting safety, quality or shelf life?  How is this accomplished? Does water wet surfaces during cleaning or does it bead up? Is milk stone appearing as sanitized equipment surfaces dry, providing harborages for bio-films? How safe is reclaimed condensate water being used for rinses? What is the BOD load of effluent? How can this be monitored and reduced to avoid sewer surcharges?

These are just some of the topics to be covered during the Wisconsin Association of Food Protection (WAFP) program at this year’s Joint Education Conference on September 19 & 20 in Madison, Wisconsin.  If you are a plant manager, sanitation or quality control supervisor, you will want to learn how to optimize the use of water for these and other critical plant applications.  Register now at the JEC website and gain practical knowledge about how to use water to maintain a competitive edge for you and your company.