2012 will be a big year for our website. We are integrating our price, stock, shipping, payment and orders with our new computer system. Exciting year, and it's just starting! Right now, we've added a few things to the website to make it easier for our customers to order and give them more information.

1. Shipped status per product for each order is available now in each customer's account area on the website.

2. Customers can add additional email addresses per order to receive order confirmations and shipped/completed emails.

3. Now, everyone can sign up for our E-Newsletter, whether they are a customer or not.

4. Several updates have been done to the shopping cart page that gives customers more information about available vs. unavailable products.

5. Since the website is 24/7, we've now implemented web cut-off times for Truck Route orders. For instance, if the customer's next route is tomorrow and it's after 5:00pm when they check out, or if their next route is on Monday and they are ordering on the weekend, they will not see that route date as a shipping option. Instead, they will see the next route available after that. Plus, they will always see regular shipping options that are available.

We welcome your feedback about other enhancements you would like to see on our website. Comment on this post if you have an idea that you would like to share!