You hear the term family-owned company so often that it begins to sound a little hollow. But, when the holidays roll around here at Nelson-Jameson, I remember how important it is to work at a company where the owners and the employees care about each other and the community.

This morning I took down a couple packages and added them to the stacks of beautifully wrapped gifts surrounding our Christmas tree. These carefully selected items aren’t for each other, but are going to a family in need in our area.

I have to say, it personally felt nice to contribute to a good cause. But, more than that it feels great to work at a place where my coworkers take the time out of their work days and hectic personal lives to coordinate and contribute to the giving tree. And none of it would be possible if the owners didn’t support and encourage activities like the giving tree.

As you walk through halls this time of year at Nelson-Jameson, you see all the Christmas cards exchanged from other coworkers on our work stations and you realize we aren’t just family-owned but we are also a work family. And, I don’t know, but I have to think that helps us do a better job for our customers than if we were a “you are just a number” kind of company.