Food Processing Distributor Nelson-Jameson Announces Expansion of Senior Leadership

Marshfield, WI | April 3, 2023 – The Nelson-Jameson Family of Companies has announced new leadership positions across marketing, sales and operations as part of a companywide expansion. The 75+-year-old family-owned company, known for providing the food and beverage industry with everything they need to manufacture safe, high-quality products, is implementing new strategies to achieve forward-looking goals. By welcoming new leaders and promoting three internal leaders to new positions, the organization will continue its growth trajectory while better-serving customers and supporting employees in their career development.  

Two new hires bring extensive experience to Nelson-Jameson’s management team, while three newly promoted leaders will head growth and expansion efforts across their respective areas:  

Mat Bartkowiak – Vice President of Corporate Responsibility and Development. Mat is a Nelson-Jameson veteran with multiple years of management experience in the company. As Vice President of Corporate Responsibility & Development, he collaborates with customers and other partners to create programs that contribute to growth, education, and service to the food industry. In addition, he works on areas of industry demand in line with company strategy, including ESG, food safety, and environmental stewardship. 

Shawn Kitchner - Vice President of Operations & Logistics. Shawn’s responsibilities include executive-level leadership for the organization’s operational and trucking activities. In addition, he is responsible for organizing day-to-day warehousing, shipping, receiving, inventory control, and trucking operations while developing and implementing strategic growth plans.  

Kara Lineal – Vice President of Marketing. Kara Lineal fills the newly created Vice President of Marketing position. Kara brings 20+ years of experience and leadership roles at various global retailers, marketing top brands. Kara will develop and implement strategic growth plans, manage integrated B2B marketing efforts, oversee brand management, including internal and external communications, and lead E-commerce and digital initiatives to improve customers’ digital experience.  

Kevin Van Ornum – Vice President of Direct Sales. With more than 12 years of experience in various roles at Nelson-Jameson, Kevin brings deep knowledge of the company’s direct product lines to his position as Vice President of Direct Sales. He manages the Product Department’s strategic supplier and customer relationships and initiatives and oversees the packaging, ingredients, and chemical product lines management team.  

Devon Vogel – Vice President of Customer Solutions. Devon is a Nelson-Jameson “lifer” who began her career at the company in 2009 as an intern and worked her way up to higher roles. As Vice President of Customer Solutions, she is responsible for identifying and leading business development strategies for Nelson-Jameson’s product and service offerings to meet growth goals as well as market and customer demand. In addition, Devon works directly with customers on behalf of the company.  

Nelson-Jameson promotes its designation as a golden-rule company and is focused on maintaining a culture of honesty, integrity, and kindness, and a commitment to operating ethically with respect for people, the community, and the environment.