In our efforts to keep safety at the forefront of the Nelson-Jameson operation, our Marshfield facility started doing monthly internal walk-around safety audits in June of 2009.  Nelson-Jameson can be a pretty busy place, with a constant flow of products, materials, and people making their way in and out of our facilities.   It is absolutely essential that we ensure the safety of our workers and facilities amidst this flurry of activity: this internal audit is a way to make sure we are keeping on track.  We’re proud to say that we have accomplished a great deal in a short time with our internal safety audits.  Back in June of 2009 we found nine items that needed correction.   Our last audit only brought up two minor issues to address.  We’re proud of all of our employees for keeping a close eye on safety issues, and for maintaining an impressive safety track record.  Their pride and dedication make Nelson-Jameson the company it is today!