Go into any hospital or clinic and you will see box after box of them: gloves.  These common tools of the trade protect doctors, nurses, patients, and public health in general.   Much like the medical community, the food industry also uses gloves to not only protect public health, but also the well-being of employees. 

 Gloves act as the front line of defense against contamination in the food industry.  Gloves, along with other sanitation practices, literally provide a layer of confidence in delivering your product to the table safely.  Whether in food handling, daily operations, quality control, etc., these small parts to your operations whole, pack a significant punch when it comes to food safety.     

 Nelson-Jameson knows the importance of gloves in your business not only for food quality concerns, but also for employee safety.   Our extensive line of gloves is meant to protect your product, and also provides protection/resistance to: chemicals, cuts, abrasions, heat, cold, and other concerns for the people who make your operation work on a day-to-day basis.  In a sometimes fast-paced industry, gloves play key roles in protecting employees and helping them effectively do their job.  

 These essentials of the trade are made to protect everyone involved in the food industry and consumers alike. Whatever glove concerns or needs you have, Nelson-Jameson is here to help.