It’s the fourth quarter on a perfect fall day. Your team has a fourth down and is just inches from the end zone. The energy in the stadium is overwhelming, and maybe they can come from behind to win in this last minute! This doesn’t sound much like a time to be thinking about food safety, right? Well, if you were tailgating before the game without using the proper equipment and proper food handling techniques, it may be a bit too late for you now…the real battle could be coming.

According to, sports fans should keep a quarterback’s eye trained on food safety this football season. In "Team Up to Tackle Food Safety" Diane Van , manager of the USDA’s Meat and Poultry Hotline, suggests a few basic tools and tricks for keeping your tailgating team safe and sound. Items like a good cooler, meat thermometers, and moist towelettes can do a lot in preventing foodborne illnesses. Safe handling of your food includes keeping meat and poultry securely separated from other foods. In the end, make sure to have the proper equipment for every play, and follow the same rules that you would in your kitchen or facility! Nelson-Jameson, a company committed to assuring food safety at all levels has a wealth of materials to help with proper food handling for any occasion. Whether at a football game, in a factory, or in the field, food safety is a goal we can all aim for!